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Wind Turbine Safety Rules
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The Wind Turbine Safety Rules (“WTSR” or the “Rules”) are a model template of rules and procedures to help formalise a safety system of work to manage the significant risks associated with a wind turbine.

They have been developed by wind farm owners and operators for the purpose of achieving both General Safety and Safety from the System – a process that safeguards persons from the mechanical and LV electrical hazards on equipment that had not been isolated, blocked or de-energised.

This is a simplistic representation as a wider range of factors will in many cases need to be taken into account based on the work tasks involved and risk assessments performed when formalising a safe system of work.

In 2013 the Rules and supporting guidance were independently reviewed with the report drawing an overall conclusion that that “…the Rules adequately address the main inherent dangers associated with installed LV electrical and mechanical equipment in wind turbines”.

The Rules were updated in 2015 in line with improvement suggestions from the review. Guidance is regularly updated, with the last update published in April 2018.

We would remind anyone with responsibility or oversight of the Rules and their implementation that:

  • The Rules and supporting guidance should be read and applied by taking account their integration into the wider health & safety management systems being operated by the responsible duty holder(s); and
  • The final structure, content and format of any rules or systems applied by duty holders which incorporate all or any part of the Rules and supporting guidance must be overseen and approved by suitably qualified competent person(s) who are familiar not only with WTSR but also with their practical application taking into account site and turbine specific arrangements and all other relevant circumstances.
  • For anyone new to the industry and/or unfamiliar with Safety Rules we recommend you read Wind Turbine Safety Rules - What do I Need to Know? before downloading the full rules and guidance below.

Please also refer to the relevant health & safety publications and supporting reference material available via the health & safety publications list on this website (e.g. Offshore Wind & Marine Health and Safety Guidelines 2014 and Onshore Health and Safety Guidelines 2015). These provide further context and explanation on how the Rules align with the wider health and safety duties applicable to the project or site concerned.

Rules and supporting Guidance and Procedures:

RenewableUK's Approved Wind Turbine Safety Rules Training Providers are accredited to run the Approved Training Course, which complies with the RenewableUK Core Wind Turbine Safety Rules and have met accreditation criteria.

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