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Help our industry celebrate 40 years

2018 sees RenewableUK turn 40. As a trade body we’ve come a long way, but more importantly so have our members, our technologies and renewable energy overall. 

Thanks to the efforts of these founding members and their successors across the last 40 years our association and our industry has grown and is now a part of the energy mainstream.Some people say that life only starts to get interesting at 40. Based on where our sector is today and all that we have learnt and achieved, that feels about right to us here at RenewableUK. We’ve enjoyed the first 40 years, and we are certainly looking forward to the next 40.

RenewableUK 40th Anniversary Celebration: 

View the online gallery of a wonderful evening spent with our members and colleagues old and new.



Founder Interviews:

We got some of our rising stars to interview our pioneering founders Dr Peter Musgrove, Professor Peter Fraenkel, Professor Leon Freris and Dr Mike Anderson about their past industry experiences and their perspectives on a future powered by renewables. 

 Dr Peter Musgrove

 Professor Leon Freris

 Professor Peter Fraenkel

 Dr Mike Anderson


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