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The Offshore Renewable Energy Emergency Forum (OREEF)

Established to coordinate emergency preparedness learning and good practice in support of activity arising from the development, construction and operation of renewable energy installations. Participants in OREEF include representation from government organisations, regulators (HSE, MCA, CAA), emergency services, industry and service providers.

The primary objective of the group is to act as a forum to improve industry knowledge and emerging good practice on the prevention and response to offshore emergencies taking account of the unique challenges encountered with the current and proposed development of Offshore Renewable Energy Installations (OREI).

The group has endorsed the publication by RenewableUK of the following:

Integrated Offshore Emergency Response – Renewables (IOER-R)

The Integrated Offshore Emergency Response – Renewables (IOER-R) guidance which was released in April 2016 has been jointly produced by the Health and Safety Executive, Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the UK Police Offshore Energy Group (UKPOEG) in consultation with RenewableUK members and key stakeholders. They are seen as industry good practice and offshore renewable energy Duty Holders are encouraged to follow its advice.

As the guidelines are the first of their type to be developed, we encourage and welcome feedback, not only on any items that require clarifying or updating, but also suggestions to improve the usability and value of guidance based on practical experience with implementing the recommendations set out.

Policy Scotland Energy Industry Liaison Unit Contact Numbers

The IOER- R guidelines (Chapter 8 – Onshore Activity) make reference to contact points in relation to matters relating to Scottish waters. These are:

  • 01224 306397
  • 01224 306395
  • 01224 306547

Please contact us to find out more about OREEF.

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