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Health & Safety Strategy
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Health, Safety & Environmental Vision, Mission and Strategy

2014 - 2016


To continue to be a leading enabler in the delivery of an expanding UK wind, wave and tidal sector free of fatalities, injuries, work related ill-health and environmental incidents.


RenewableUK on behalf of its members, strategic partners and key stakeholders is committed to championing health & safety and environmental protection for the benefit of everyone in the wind, wave & tidal industry thereby:

  • Continuing to make the UK a leader as a safe and responsible jurisdiction in which to do business; and
  • Ensuring that Health & Safety and Environmental Protection remain as a top priority throughout the wind, wave & tidal industry.

To achieve this we will:

  • Prioritise our efforts and initiatives on health & safety and environmental matters to the key risks particular to our sector and the most significant opportunities to improve performance;
  • Engage and consult with RenewableUK members and the wider stakeholder community to ensure key health & safety and environmental issues are given the profile and priority required;
  • Work with other organisations and key stakeholders, including regulators, both i) in the sector and ii) beyond where the health & safety and environmental risks and activities interface with our industry, to enhance our sector performance; and
  • Communicate health & safety and environmental matters in a suitable and timely manner to members and key stakeholders.


RenewableUK will endeavour to promote the highest standards of health & safety and environmental protection throughout the supply chain and stakeholder community. Our health & safety focus will primarily seek to ensure that priority is given to those persons at greatest risk and specifically employees, contractors and others who may be put at direct risk. Our priorities for environmental protection will address the most significant risks associated with the construction and operation of applicable renewable energy projects that are not already being adequately addressed within RUK. The strategy will be deployed within the various sub sectors of the wind industry (large, medium and small turbines, onshore and offshore projects) together with the wave and tidal technologies. It will encompass the full life cycle of projects. In addition it will take into account the needs and resources of smaller companies together with other more difficult to reach groups where the ability to inform and influence high health & safety and environmental standards can be more challenging.

The prime delivery of the strategy will be through the UK wind wave and tidal energy sector. However, recognition and harnessing of the benefits from working with like minded organisations to promote European and wider global solutions to common issues will be addressed. The strategy will recognise the benefits of pro-active engagement with non RUK market players to help safeguard the UK renewables sectors health, safety and environmental performance.

Strategic Positioning & Interventions

In deciding on any strategic position or intervention, RenewableUK will take account of those aspects that would significantly:

  • Support and enhance the overall improvement in the health & safety and environmental performance of the sector;
  • Add value or reduce costs in terms of supporting the timely, effective, safe and sustainable delivery and operation of assets throughout their life cycle;
  • Contribute to the reduction of both direct and indirect health & safety and environmental risks within the sector;
  • Address complex or contentious issues that are unique or have a particular sector specific dimension; and
  • Protect and enhance the reputational position of the UK renewable energy industry.
Strategic Themes

In fulfilment of the above, RenewableUK will aim to champion, lead and deliver tangible health & safety and environmental protection outcomes through five key themes. These are:

  1. Leadership & Engagement
  2. Guidance & Good Practice
  3. Policy & Regulatory
  4. Training & Skills
  5. Statistics & Benchmarking

These themes will help set work plan priorities and focus delivery of the overall strategy during the five year period. As such the key elements of future annual work plans will be associated with one or more of the above themes.

Ownership and Governance

Primary ownership of the strategy and responsibility for its enactment will be via the RenewableUK’s Health, Safety & Environmental Strategy group following endorsement of the strategy by the RenewableUK Board.

The strategy group will be responsible for formulating, agreeing and delivery of ongoing work plans which must include evidence to support their alignment to the strategy including their justification, priority and details of any agreed KPI’s or success factors. Details of these arrangements will be set out in the terms of reference for the strategy group and the annual work plans themselves.


The scope and implementation of this strategy will be reviewed within twelve months of its endorsement by the RenewableUK Board.

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