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Wind speed, location, height and grid access are all factors that influence the successful installation of a wind turbine.

Specific planning rules also need to be adhered to. You will find a number of small and medium wind companies in our member directory, who can advise you on the suitability of products, how to get started and the suitability of your site.

Follow these simple steps from planning to installation:

  1. For a wind turbine to work at good capacity, you need an exposed, windy site that is not too close to buildings or other obstructions.
  2. Check the national wind speed database and put up a wind meter to measure the wind speed for at least twelve months. If time and cost is limited, consider virtual wind speed reporting. There are a number of companies that offer this service and results can be as accurate as on-site monitoring.
  3. Check that the selected turbine location can be easily connected to your property and the local grid via your DNO (Distributed Network Operator).
  4. Select a class of turbine that is suitable for the range of wind speeds at your site, and a scale of turbine that is suitable for the energy needs of your site. For installations up to 50kW, both the turbine and the installer needs to be MCS certified.
  5. Like many building improvements you will need to obtain planning approval. Talk to your neighbours and local authority about the project early on, and work with your installer to ensure you get the application right first time. Refer to our Small Wind Planning Guidance for in-depth information.
  6. Install and commission your turbine and apply for your Feed-in Tariff payment. Applications for FiTs go through one of two routes: the MCS or the ROO-FIT accreditation process. The MCS route is for wind installations with a declared net capacity (DNC) of 50kW or less. All other applications follow the ROO-FIT accreditation process.
  7. Preventative and routine maintenance checks should be carried out on the wind turbine to ensure that is it functioning to the best of its ability. This also ensures the turbine is operating safely, and will lengthen the lifespan of the structure. A number of companies offer operation and maintenance services for your turbine.
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