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Preparing for Brexit
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Current Political Situation

The UK left the EU on 31st January 2019, entering into the implementation period under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement concluded between the UK and the EU. The implementation period is due to end on 31st December 2020, but could by agreement be extended by one or two years.

During this time, UK and EU businesses will be able to trade on the same terms as before the date of the UK's exit from the EU. UK and EU citizens living in either jurisdiction will also continue to enjoy the same rights during the implementation period as before. 

The UK and EU will negotiate their future relationship in the course of 2020 and the UK Government argues this means no extension to the implementation period will be required. The Prime Minister set out the Government's objectives for this negotiation in a speech on February 3rd, accompanied by a statement in Parliament

Support in Key Markets

Globally, the renewable energy market is worth over $300bn a year and the UK’s world-leading wind and marine energy sectors are exporting to every continent. As the UK leaves the EU, we must ensure that we continue to grow trade in this global growth sector. The Department for International Trade has a network of specialists in British embassies and other diplomatic offices around the world which provide support for UK companies. DIT contacts in key EU markets for RenewableUK members can be accessed below:

What RenewableUK is Doing

RenewableUK is working with our members to assess and address any impacts of the UK's departure from the EU on the development of renewables in the UK. We have worked with colleagues at WindEurope on a briefing paper (members only – see below) on the possible consequences of Brexit and priorities to address in the future relationship.

RenewableUK and our members believe energy and climate change must be a top priority in the for an ambitious deal between the EU and UK that helps both sides achieve our climate targets and supports new investment in renewables.

The UK and EU have set world-leading net zero targets and a rapid energy transition, led by renewables, will be key to achieving these. To fully take advantage of the global opportunities in low carbon industries, UK companies must be able to freely trade with partners in the goods, services and expertise needed to achieve net zero. 

RenewableUK represents our members views to Government and Parliamentarians. We regularly update our members with news and analysis of developments on Brexit, and we are working collaboratively with other UK and European energy organisations to support the needs of our members.

For more information about Brexit and RenewableUK’s activities, please contact our Director of Strategic Communications Luke Clark.

Brexit Briefings (Members Only)

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