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Marine Mammal Impacts

21 October 2013  
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Marine Mammal Impacts

Wave & Tidal Consenting Position Paper Series

The main potential impacts of wave and tidal energy devices (‘wave and tidal devices’) on marine mammals have previously been identified and described by numerous studies and impact assessments. Detailed descriptions of the key potential impacts and the assumed mechanisms underlying them have, for each technology, been reported extensively elsewhere (Faber Maunsell & Metoc, 2007; Dolman and Simmonds, 2010; MacLeod et al., 2012; Sparling et al., 2012; Aquatera, 2012; and Thompson et al., 2013). The aim of this paper is to review key experience and provide stakeholders and industry alike with a consolidated understanding of, and consensus on, the current state of knowledge relating to potential environmental impacts associated with marine renewables and marine mammals. This paper also uses the experiences of those involved in the wave and tidal energy industry (gathered by telephone interview) to highlight issues that have arisen during the development of wave and tidal technologies.

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