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RenewableUK unveils new electricity storage manual to highlight cutting-edge technology

21 July 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Rob Norris
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RenewableUK is launching a new manual on energy storage, the day before our Global Offshore Wind V-Fest (virtual festival), where storing clean power is a key theme.

The new guide, entitled Electricity Storage: The Cornerstone of the UK’s Future Energy System” is published by Haynes as part of its world-famous series of manuals, sponsored by RenewableUK, RCG (Renewables Consulting Group) and Siemens Energy.  

The manual sets out the wide range of storage technologies now being developed such as renewable hydrogen made from electricity generated by offshore wind farms, which can be used for heating and transport; two sectors which have so far been slow to decarbonise. 

Increasing electrification in transport and heating this decade means that demand for clean power will surge in the years ahead, so increasing our ability to store electricity using a variety of technologies is an essential part of the UK’s future energy system. The widespread growth of EVs, for example, offers opportunities for the lithium-ion batteries that power these cars to make the grid more flexible and save consumers money by storing power.

The manual also explores cutting-edge projects like the Siemens Green Ammonia Demonstrator. This uses electrolysis, powered by renewable energy, to produce ammonia to be used as a fuel. When this is burned, it turns back into nitrogen and water – without creating any CO2 emissions. 

RenewableUK’s Executive Director Isabel DiVanna said: “The aim of this manual is to get everyone up to speed on the next big thing: energy storage. Ramping up our storage capacity is vital if we want to make the best use of the massive quantities of electricity we’re generating from wind, solar and other renewables. Storage offers flexibility, helping to balance the grid, and it’s becoming an important source of revenue for our members. We’re seeing the growth of a new industry, with large-scale batteries co-located alongside wind and solar farms for example.

“But it’s about more than just batteries. A variety of other innovative technologies like renewable hydrogen, green ammonia, flywheels and compressed air energy storage will play a role alongside traditional pumped hydro projects, as this manual explains. This is bringing new investment into our sector and offering us fresh opportunities to export our technology, as well as strengthening our security of supply”. 


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  1. The Haynes Manual “Electricity Storage: The Cornerstone of the UK’s Future Energy System” is available to download here.

  2. More details on RenewableUK’s 3-day Global Offshore Wind Virtual Festival (V-Fest) are available here. The event is focussing on the major role that offshore wind is set to play in the green economic recovery worldwide. Delegates will see and hear live sessions in which leading decision-makers in the global offshore wind industry will unveil their plans for the future and answer questions. Key themes include how to accelerate the global energy transition to reach net zero emissions and the latest technological innovations in offshore wind which will help to get us there, including energy storage, working in the new post-virus environment worldwide. RenewableUK’s Project Intelligence team will present specially-tailored market updates focussing on the UK, the rest of Europe, the USA and Asia. Supply chain presentations on floating wind and cables will offer insights into opportunities coming up to secure new multi-million-pound contracts. There will be a virtual exhibition which allows delegates to interact online with individual companies who will have booths online at the three-day event. Delegates will also be able to visit a virtual networking longue to attend “meet the buyer” events and B2B roundtables, as well as holding one-to-one meetings. The event is being held ahead of RenewableUK’s 19th annual Global Offshore Wind event which will take place on 27th-28th October at Manchester Central, where 200 speakers are being lined up to address 4,500 delegates. 160 exhibitors will attend from 50 countries, making this event, and V-Fest, the most important events in the international wind industry’s calendar.

  3. RenewableUK revised events programme is available here.

  4. RenewableUK’s members are building our future energy system, powered by clean electricity. We bring them together to deliver that future faster; a future which is better for industry, billpayers, and the environment. We support over 400 member companies to ensure increasing amounts of renewable electricity are deployed across the UK and to access export markets all over the world. Our members are business leaders, technology innovators, and expert thinkers from right across industry.

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