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Haynes Manual "Electricity Storage - The Cornerstone of the UK’s Future Energy System"

21 July 2020  
Posted by: Rob Norris
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RenewableUK has launched a new guide on energy storage, “Electricity Storage: The Cornerstone of the UK’s Future EnergySystem” published by Haynes as part of its world-famous series of manuals. The publication is sponsored by RenewableUK, RCG (Renewables Consulting Group) and Siemens Energy.  

The manual sets out the wide range of storage technologies now being developed such as renewable hydrogen made from electricity generated by offshore wind farms, which can be used for heating and transport; two sectors which have so far been slow to decarbonise. 

Increasing electrification in transport and heating this decade means that demand for clean power will surge in the years ahead, so increasing our ability to store electricity using a variety of technologies is an essential part of the UK’s future energy system. The widespread growth of EVs, for example, offers opportunities for the lithium-ion batteries that power these cars to make the grid more flexible and save consumers money by storing power.

The manual also explores cutting-edge projects such as the Siemens Green Ammonia Demonstrator. This uses electrolysis, powered by renewable energy, to produce ammonia to be used as a fuel. When this is burned, it turns back into nitrogen and water – without creating any CO2 emissions.

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