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Wind Energy Charter
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Wind Energy Charter

The Charter sets out the intentions of the UK wind energy industry, the benefits it will bring to the UK and how it will regenerate our economy and underpin our future growth.


The wind energy industry of the United Kingdom will provide investment and jobs where they are most needed, energy security at a time when it is most critical and deliver affordable, clean and totally sustainable electricity for all.


1. invest in the prosperity and energy security of the UK

We intend to invest many billions of pounds in the UK economy building onshore and offshore wind farms, developing new manufacturing facilities, upgrading UK ports into energy hubs and creating Research & Development and training facilities all around the UK. This investment will revitalise communities across the country and increase the secure availability of affordable, domestic power, thereby reducing the UK’s reliance on expensive, imported fuels.


2. provide financial security for families by creating tens of thousands of long-term jobs

We aim to create thousands of UK based jobs across a wide range of business sectors. Companies large and small will benefit as investment in engineering, manufacturing and training accelerates and extends from wind energy into associated industries including land and sea transport.


3. provide clean, safe and affordable energy that will power the UK today and for future generations

We are firmly committed to reducing the cost of wind energy over time and to cement its role as a vital part of the UK’s energy mix. In doing so we will help protect consumers from fluctuating global energy prices and increasing dependency on imported fossil fuels. These measures will also reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.


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