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Preparing the Skills Base for Renewables
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Preparing the Skills Base for Renewables

Between now and 2023, direct and indirect employment in the wind, wave and tidal energy sectors could grow from 34,000 in 2013 to over 100,000.

However, to scale up in this way will require information, advice and training so that people can consider moving into a new industry for a new career. As we make a shift to a low carbon economy Government needs to make sure that school and university leavers are equipped with the right skills and are informed about career opportunities in renewables.

Employers need to access quality training to ensure they have a workforce up to the challenge of a significant roll-out of renewable energy.

RenewableUK’s role on skills is two-fold:

  • First we are working with our members to support delivery of high quality, industry approved training. Our Renewables Training Network, which was launched in 2011 with support from the industry and the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, is developing ‘RTN Assured’ courses which meet the needs of UK industry. In 2014, Blade Repair and Inspection Awareness and Basic training courses were launched, with further courses in development.
  • Second, we are working alongside our members to give an industry perspective to Government on the sector’s skills needs to help make sure there is an adequate talent pool of skilled and experienced recruits. In 2013, we published our Working for a Green Britain & Northern Ireland report which provides employment figures for the wind and marine energy industries from 2013 to 2023. To complement this, we published our Skills Manifesto which set out skills policy recommendations from the wind and marine energy industries. Both publications provide reliable evidence of industry need on which to base our skills work.

RenewableUK is working on the development of a National College for Wind Energy with the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership, following a Government call for engagement. The College will provide advanced technical learning and will be the first National College dedicated to renewable energy in the UK. The College hub will be based in the Humber, with a network of partners across the UK, and will enable industry stakeholders to set training standards and develop the learning opportunities needed most by the industry.

RenewableUK has also launched its Career Mapping Tool which maps careers in the sector and provides information on role requirements, as well as the Faces of Wind Energy campaign which showcases people working in the industry. These initiatives are aimed at raising awareness of the breadth of opportunity within the sector and demonstrating the enthusiasm for working in renewables while informing those seeking a career in the sector.

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