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Offshore Wind
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The offshore generating capacity in UK waters is growing, supplying more and more of the UK's electricity annually.

Unlike onshore wind, offshore wind is leased in "rounds" - so we know where the projects over the next few years will be.

  • First offshore wind farm in the UK started operating in 2000.
  • Series of licensing ‘Rounds’ co-ordinated by The Crown Estate (landlord and owner of the seabed)
  • 2001 - Round 1 was launched involving 18 sites in England and Wales, with a potential capacity of 1.5GW.
  • 2003 - Round 2 issued - further offshore and in deeper waters, formed of the 3 strategic areas; Greater Wash, Greater Thames and Irish Sea - adda another 7GW of capacity.
  • 2010 - Round 3 - the biggest so far with 9 zones across the UK. 
  • In addition to these Rounds, there is a further development programme in Scottish Territorial Waters overseen by the Scottish government. 
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