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Industry Statement on OAM
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Wind Turbine Amplitude Modulation

Research to Improve Understanding as to its Cause and Effect

The detailed scientific research into the identification, occurrence and prevention of an acoustic characteristic known as other amplitude modulation (OAM) is an important study and represents a significant step forward in the industry’s understanding of the acoustic characteristics associated with OAM; its causes and mitigations. 

The findings of this research identify a range of possible solutions for mitigating the occurrence of OAM and for minimising existing issues on those few sites where it is found to occur.

The UK onshore wind industry is committed to ensuring that our relationships with local communities remain strong and that we continue to be good neighbours to the communities in which we operate. We will therefore aim to resolve OAM on sites where it is currently found to occur and to address its occurrence on new sites.

Wind Turbine Amplitude Modulation

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Understanding its Cause and Effects PDF (12.63 MB)  more ] Administration 31/05/2016
Template Planning Condition on OAM PDF (655.26 KB)  more ] Administration 31/05/2016
Development of a Penalty Scheme PDF (664.47 KB)  more ] Administration 31/05/2016
Summary of Research PDF (596.12 KB)  more ] Administration 31/05/2016
Review of Research PDF (367.23 KB)  more ] Administration 31/05/2016
Brief Summary PDF (226.14 KB)  more ] Administration 31/05/2016
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