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RenewableUK Small Wind Turbine Standard

Published: 15 January 2014

The RenewableUK Small Wind Turbine Standard currently supports the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, through linkage to the small wind system product standard, MCS006. It is a technical standard for manufacturers of small wind turbines who wish to supply turbines to Britain. It is a mark of assurance that the turbine has been designed to withstand the structural loads that wind can impose, has been tested in a full range of wind speeds, and meets the claims made for overall performance.

It is essential to compare "like-with-like" when choosing between wind turbine suppliers and the performance certification associated with the standard provides two figures: the energy output for the turbine, and the power rating. Of the two, the energy output (kWh, units of electricity) is the more important, as it is the unit of energy used to calculate payments from the turbine.


The standard provides a means of ensuring small wind turbines meet good practice, but RenewableUK does not give or imply any warranty for the actual performance or reliability of any turbine on a particular site.

This standard does not give a guarantee against individual equipment failure, nor does it cover the satisfactory installation of the turbine. Manufacturers may additionally have accreditation to ISO9000, which ensures every turbine they supply meets a standard for quality.

Wind conditions can vary enormously, particularly in a built-up area. For a user to obtain a good estimate of likely performance it is necessary to monitor the actual wind speed at the location for a period of time. Supplying this information to a manufacturer will enable them to provide a user with an estimate of performance. Estimated wind speed data should not be used.

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