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Small & Medium Wind
Small & Medium Wind

Small & Medium Wind

Generating energy with a wind turbine is the perfect way to reduce your energy bills, make some money and help the environment

Standards and Certification

Micro and Small Wind Certification

Turbines with a swept area up to 200m2, (up to 50kW)

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is an independent, internationally recognised scheme supported by DECC, the industry and a number of non-governmental groups. It provides greater protection for consumers by assessing and certifying microgeneration products and installers against robust and consistent criteria.

The MCS applies two certification standards to each microgeneration technology. In the case of small wind, there are the MCS006 wind turbine product standard, and the MIS3003 wind turbine installer standard.

MCS006 refers to the January 2014 RenewableUK Small Wind Turbine Standard that acts as a mark of quality assurance for small wind turbines.

Medium Wind Certification

Turbines with the swept area up to 1,000m2, (50 – 500kW)

RenewableUK has convened an international working group, formed of testing and certification bodies and manufacturers, to establish a medium wind turbine certification.

The group is developing UK guidelines for Medium Wind Turbines, collaborating with the MCS to develop a robust Medium Wind Certification Scheme, and contributing to the revision of the international wind turbine IEC61400-1 standard to include content on medium wind turbines.