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Wind Energy

Wind Energy

The UK is the windiest country in Europe and could power itself several times over using wind

Wind Energy

Throughout history, communities have harnessed the power of the wind. Now, driven by the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and secure home-grown energy supplies, wind energy is the world's fastest growing renewable energy type.

Wind energy makes a significant contribution to the UK’s power supplies, providing 11% of our electricity in 2015 (34.01TWh) – that’s enough electricity to meet the annual needs of more 8 million homes.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are traditionally located onshore, and are increasingly installed offshore. Wind energy instillations range from large commercial wind farms to smaller developments, ideal for generating power for a household, farm or local community.

A single 2.5MW wind turbine can generate enough electricity to meet the annual needs of over 1,400 households, make 230 million cups of tea, or run the average computer for well over 2,000 years.

Depending on local wind speeds, a turbine will generate electricity 70–85 per cent of the time. The combined output of UK wind farms however show less variability, due to differences in wind speeds over the country as a whole.

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