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Real Power Magazine

Real Power is the UK’s no.1 renewable energy magazine — widely acclaimed by the industry, and required reading for the wind and marine energy sector

Each edition contains authoritative interviews with prominent personalities tackling the fundamental issues facing the renewable energy sector, news, views, wind, wave and tidal energy developments, case studies and company profiles. Real Power is highly targeted for advertisers and provides a fantastic promotional vehicle for companies active in this sector. The quarterly magazine is published on behalf of RenewableUK by Lansdowne Publishing.

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The circulation continues to grow, with Real Power distributed on a named basis to a diverse audience, including;

  • RenewableUK member companies
  • government bodies
  • regulators
  • local authority building and planning departments
  • major energy users
  • manufacturers
  • developers
  • contractors
  • consultants
  • suppliers
  • service companies
  • electricity generators/utilities
  • financiers
  • insurance companies
  • research institutes
  • engineers and recruitment consultants

This is coupled with the distribution of the magazine at RenewableUK’s  successful conferences, events and exhibitions, which attract over 10,000 participants annually, giving a total distribution of up to 9,200 printed copies per edition.

Advertising Opportunities

A limited amount of space for high profile advertising and sponsorship is made available in each edition. To take advantage of this opportunity to raise your organisation’s profile in the very best of company, please contact Lansdowne Publishing.

Real Power Contacts

Matthew Pulzer
Editor & Editorial Co-ordinator
Tel. +44 (0)79 7351 8682

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Adrian Wright
Ad. & Media Sales Manager
Tel. +44 (0)16 1872 6667

Audrey Hall
Project Manager
Tel. +44 (0)16 1980 3035

Judith Hindley
Assistant Project Manager
Tel. +44 (0)16 1872 6667

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