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Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Wind and marine energy supply chains offer a significant opportunity for the UK to rebuild its manufacturing base and drive economic and employment growth.

Supply chain

Supply chains are the movement of materials as they flow from their source to the end customer. In the wind and marine renewable sectors these include the manufacture, transport and installation of wind turbines, wave and tidal devices, and supporting infrastructure such as foundations and cables. Our interactive map illustrates the locations of organisations recently active in the wind and marine renewables industry.

The challenges faced in securing cost efficient, reliable and sustainable supply chains differ according to the maturity of the energy technology and the size of the UK’s deployment ambition.

For large onshore wind, supporting and expanding the UK’s supply chain in areas such as civil engineering, electrical infrastructure, logistics and maintenance is the key. In small wind, growing our significant manufacturing base is a priority. Offshore wind presents a huge opportunity to grow a world class manufacturing and supply chain base that meets the challenges of a rapidly growing sector.

To support the development of the UK supply chain, RenewableUK, alongside Grant Thornton, the University of Sheffield and the Manufacturing Advisory Service, is one of the delivery partners GROW:OffshoreWind, a two year £20m Regional Growth Fund supported programme providing market intelligence, expertise and funding support to English companies looking to move into the offshore market.

In wave and tidal energy it is vital to ensure that the UK builds on its research, development and leadership to secure a significant and long term supply chain base, as the sector moves towards commercialisation.

RenewableUK works to maximise the economic benefit and job creation potential of UK wind and marine energy supply chains, ensuring that industry, stakeholders and the government’s priorities are aligned to deliver maximum possible competitive UK content.