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Skills and Employment

Skills and Employment

Renewable energy is growing faster than ever. It has the potential to create and support thousands of UK jobs.

Skills and Employment

The continued success of wind and marine energy is dependent on attracting skilled workers. There were around 10,000 people employed in these industries in 2010, and approximately 88,000 will be needed by 2021. This represents a huge opportunity to create UK jobs, and a practical way for people to apply their enthusiasm for renewable energy and the environment.

It is important that the UK works to increase

  • the number of learners choosing key ‘STEM’ subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) at all stages of education
  • awareness of the range of career opportunities in the wind and marine industries
  • opportunities for practical work-based learning, to ensure future recruits have the skills and expertise necessary to benefit the industry.

To address the skills challenges and nurture homegrown talent, RenewableUK contributes to a range of initiatives including the creation of modern apprenticeships to the formation of accord agreements.

Recently with government and employer support, RenewableUK established the Renewables Training Network to ensure those with relevant skills and expertise in other sectors are able to make the transition across to renewables.

For information on career pathways, courses and job opportunities, please see our Careers pages.