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Policy Development

Policy Development

To deliver the benefits of renewable energy, the industry needs a stable policy environment

Policy Development

A large part of RenewableUK’s work is helping to make links between policy makers and our membership, ensuring politicians and civil servants understand the views of industry, and industry has a proper understanding of the work of government.

Transparent, well considered policy based on evidence is important for our sector, as well as for anyone else wanting to take part in the debate.

The industry needs a stable policy environment to deliver the benefits of renewable energy. This means industry, government and other interested groups need clarity on things such as how the planning system works, how funding is awarded for different renewable technologies and how the energy industry is regulated.

Offshore Cost Reduction

A good example of our work is RenewableUK’s involvement in the Offshore Wind Cost Reduction Task Force. The government challenged industry to reduce costs in offshore wind, and the resulting Task Force was coordinated by DECC, with support from RenewableUK. Senior industry representatives — led by RenewableUK’s Chair, Andrew Jamieson — worked together to look at how industry could improve ways of working and reduce costs — the resulting report was launched at RenewableUK’s Global Offshore Conference in May 2012. The report made a number of recommendations to both industry and government, and the Offshore Wind Programme Board is now working to deliver these, often working alongside RenewableUK groups of companies. Through this work, RenewableUK was able to impress on the government the importance of cost reduction, and then support action to best deliver this.