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Aviation & Radar

Aviation & Radar

RenewableUK collaborates with aviation authorities and government to find solutions to radar interference or flight obstruction caused by wind energy developments

Aviation & Radar

More than half of wind farm developments are subject to objections from the aviation sector, and are treated comparably to other tall structures such as high-rise buildings, transmitter masts and chimneys.

Wind turbines turn to produce energy, which under certain conditions can cause the complication of appearing on radar systems. To overcome this, the wind industry, the aviation industry and government signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2008, since refreshed in 2011.

Memorandum of Understanding

This led to the establishment of an Aviation Fund, which promotes research into methods of reducing the effects of wind farms on radars, and the establishment of an Aviation Management Board chaired by the Department for Energy and Climate Change and including representatives from RenewableUK, which meets regularly to address wider issues.

Consultation with Aviation Stakeholders

RenewableUK recommends that aviation stakeholders are always consulted early in the wind farm planning application process.

Some key stakeholders include:

  • NATS have produced a series of free maps and also offer a number of paid for services.
  • The Ministry of Defence (MOD) have a Safeguarding Team that manages their consultations and also provide pre-application advice.
  • The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has some good information on their website, and are able to advise on general principles.