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European Commission sets EU binding renewable energy target for 2030

22 January 2014

The EU commission today announced an EU wide binding renewable energy target of 27% by 2030. This will not be translated into national binding targets on renewable energy as we currently have up to 2020. At the same time it was announced that the EU will set a target of a 40% cut in greenhouse gases by 2030.

Responding to today’s announcements, RenewableUK regretted the lack of ambition showed in not proposing national binding targets on renewable energy past 2020.

RenewableUK Chief Executive Maria McCaffery said:

“While it is pleasing to see the EU Commission recognise that renewable energy is a key part of future energy solutions across Europe, the lack of ambition in not ensuring there are national binding targets for renewable energy is a disappointment. This is a missed opportunity for member states to take collective and serious action on the drive for clean, sustainable, renewable energy, which is the best option for reducing our carbon emissions.

“The Commission has gone out of its way to point out that member states are still free to set their own nationally binding renewable energy targets, so it is not too late for the UK Government to take leadership on this issue. To meet the binding Greenhouse Gas targets and also the UK Government’s stated aim of tackling climate change, we need to keep investing in the world beating renewable sources we have, which can also bring thousands of jobs and help our energy security.”

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