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Roadmap Update-Renewables on track with wind at the forefront

27 December 2012

RenewableUK has today welcomed the publication of the UK Renewable Energy Roadmap Update by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The Update states that the UK is on track to meet its first interim target on the way towards generating 15% of all energy (electricity, heat and transport) from renewable sources by 2020. This means that 30% of the UK’s electricity will come from renewables by the end of the decade, with wind playing a leading role.

The report highlights the fact that since the Roadmap was first published in July 2011, the amount of renewable energy generated in the year to July 2012 increased by 27%, so that more than 10% of the UK’s electricity already comes from renewables. In this 12-month period, offshore wind capacity increased by 60% to 2.5 gigawatts, and onshore wind grew by 24% to 5.3GW.

The Update specifically states: “The Coalition is committed to increasing the deployment of renewable energy across the UK”, and “we’re confident that the UK can deliver 30% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020”. It concludes that renewable energy has “a pivotal role to play in the UK energy mix”.

RenewableUK’s Deputy Chief Executive Maf Smith said:

“This is a clear vote of confidence from the Government. The Update is spot on – it highlights the sector’s dynamic growth and the healthy pipeline of wind, wave and tidal projects to come. It’s right to note that costs are falling steadily, so renewables will continue to offer even better value for money for all of us. This will help to stabilise the price of energy, providing a secure alternative to importing expensive fossil fuels.

“This Update clearly sets out the benefits in terms of jobs and investment, pointing out that the renewable energy sector represented one of the largest sources of inward investment in 2011/12, and foreseeing 400,000 of us working in green collar jobs by 2020.

“As the Update shows, we have a proven track record and a clear plan on how to make the most of our country’s extraordinary resources of wind, wave and tidal energy in the years ahead. Renewables will be generating more of our electricity than nuclear power by 2016. By 2020, wind will be the biggest contributor of electricity to the UK apart from natural gas.The blueprint for our low-carbon future is here for all to see, and get on board.”


  1. More details of the Roadmap Update will be available at the Department of Energy and Climate Change News website on 27th Dec:

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