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Renewable World
Renewable World

Renewable World

The international charity of the renewable energy industry, Renewable World tackles poverty by providing affordable renewable energy in remote locations.

Renewable World

Access to clean, sustainable and affordable power can transform lives; the provision of health care, education, and improve local livelihoods. It’s easy to take for granted, but worldwide, 1.3 billion people are without electricity, and 2 million die yearly from using dangerous polluting energy types indoors.

Renewable World works in Africa, Asia and Central America to tackle poverty by providing affordable renewable energy in remote locations.

RenewableUK and its members have been instrumental in supporting Renewable World’s work since its foundation in 2007. The charity now works with leading companies and individuals from the renewable energy sector; making use of the industry’s generosity, expertise and resources.

Visit the Renewable World website where you can help support their work by:

  • becoming a corporate sponsor
  • donating to Renewable World
  • compensating for your travel emissions
  • taking part in fundraising activities
  • shopping the Renewable World store.

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