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RenewableUK Cymru

With a long coastline, large forests, high rainfall and an excellent wind resource, Wales is one of the most promising renewable energy locations in Europe.

Gyda arfordir hir, coedwigoedd mawr, glawiad uchel ag adnodd gwynt rhagorol, mae Cymru yn un o’r mannau fwyaf addawol sy’n ynni adnewyddadwy yn Ewrop.

Welsh renewable energy employs thousands of people across the country, delivers predictable, low-carbon energy, draws new investment into manufacturing and professional services, and provides hundreds of thousands of pounds to support local communities each year.

By 2010, the wind sector was already making an annual contribution of more than £150 million to the Welsh economy – a sum greater than forestry and fishery combined. Other sectors, such as solar, hydro and biomass technologies extend these benefits still further.

RenewableUK’s dedicated Welsh office, RenewableUK Cymru, aims to further the industry in Wales, providing evidence to support policy and public debate, and through effective and honest communication.