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About RenewableUK

RenewableUK is the UK's leading not for profit renewable energy trade association. Our vision is for renewable energy to play a leading role in powering the UK.

Harnessing the UK’s power for growth

Wind, wave and tidal energy are essential for our future. As an island the UK has some of the best natural resources in the world for these technologies. RenewableUK believes deploying them can generate significant power and benefit for the UK. Our role is to maximise this opportunity.

At the Heart of the Industry

As a trade association, RenewableUK acts as a central point of information and a united representative voice for our members. We conduct research, find solutions, organise events, facilitate business development and networking, and promote the benefits of wind and marine renewables to government, industry, the media and the public.

Leading Collaboration

We have a large corporate membership ranging from small independent companies, to international corporations and manufacturers active in UK wind and marine energy. Our board of directors is made up of key individuals from the membership, many of them industry leaders in their own right. Members also contribute to RenewableUK’s activities through our strategy and support groups.

A Strong Heritage

RenewableUK was formed in 1978 as The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA). The association has gone from strength to strength – mirroring the growth of an innovative industry. Our mission expanded in 2004 to champion wave and tidal energy, and our name changed to RenewableUK in 2010 to reflect these new technologies and our vision for the future.

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